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Look After Your Waterways

• Avoid creating a breaking wash and donít run your propeller while moored.

• Help keep the water clean and free from oil, diesel, petrol detergents and other harmful substances. Follow
  ďNavigate with NatureĒ advice (01784 22 36 00).


Consider Others

• Take care to position mooring pins and ropes so they are not a danger to towpath users - if possible, make them
   conspicuous with a marker or cover.

• Donít obstruct locks, bridges, water points or turning points.

• When passing anglers, unless they politely request otherwise, keep to the centre of the channel, reduce your wash
   but maintain a steady pace.

• Slow down when passing moored or unpowered boats.

• Pay heed to local signs concerning fishing matches.


Take Care

• You and your crew must understand how to operate your boat and navigate locks, bridges and tunnels. Make sure
  you read the BW  Boaterís Handbook.

• When working the paddle gear keep a firm grip of the windlass and donít let go. If the safety catch slips, the
   windlass could fly off at high speed.

• Keep within the boat - avoid dangling your legs and hands over the side.

• Children and non swimmers should wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid.
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